Sunday, March 2, 2008

why I do this

Dear currently non-existent readers,

This the first posting of a blog that I hope to post to once per week. As per the title of the blog, I hope to post each and every Sunday. For today, a few words about why I am doing this. Next week, on to business.

I am doing this for fun. No other reason. A couple of my amigos from New York, Allan ( Matt (, have spankin' great blogs up right now devoted to their (and, sometimes, my) beloved folk music. And yeah, sure, I'll say a few words about this from time to time. But that was part of the inspiration (and I'm also proud of my title: it's the title of an old Etta James ballad that I can't get enough of). But, really, anything's fair game. Potential topics of interest: current events, the world of work, the town of Brunswick, ME (where I have lived since August of 2007), the weather, haircuts, plumbing, Scrabble, and exercise. And I imagine music will figure quite prominently here too (do have a look at Robert Christgau's Consumer Guide, by the way ( -- my favorite pop music writer, although my tastes aren't quite like his).

See you next week.

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